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Our services are tailored to your industry and your personal, unique needs. Quick tips for organizing your business on as-needed basis. Complete office management options for the life of your business. Why hire an office manager when you can hire us?
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Office Management Solutions for Law Practices in Chicago

Law offices have very specific office management requirements which pertain directly to the legal field. These will involve the administration and supervision of client cases and accounts. They also have general management requirements that every small business must solve, such as training, managing, and compensating employees, paying creditors, maintaining office supplies and equipment, and managing other day-to-day activities. Specific IT computer programs and technology concerning the legal field must be monitored, maintained, and updated involving legal documentation as well as client billing.

Whether you are a sole practitioner or a small attorney group, office management is an important function which must be maintained to keep your practice running smoothly. At Office Authority, Inc. we can provide all of the office management services your legal practice needs, from specific legal accounting services to managing your employees, office organization, and consulting or managing your computer systems, software technology, and other IT equipment or operations. We have a long history of providing office management solutions and support that are specific to the legal industry; our 25 year experience has given us an understanding of the tools and methods that will optimize the operation of your law office.

Effective Law Office Management

How your law office is managed plays an important role in your success. Many areas may need to be addressed, from personnel to financial matters to the management of your clients and their private information. You may need to locate and maintain excellent employees, create accurate and detailed financial records, and stay on top of IT systems. Our professional management team can ensure that all of these challenges and needs are handled is the most optimum way so that you can concentrate on your professional duties as an attorney. Accounting, billing, and practice management, HR management, and IT consulting and management as well as general organizational strategies and solutions may be needed.

Find out how our company can provide the services you need to keep your law firm productive and viable. Contact us to arrange for a consultation in which we can discuss your office management needs at your earliest convenience.

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