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Our services are tailored to your industry and your personal, unique needs. Quick tips for organizing your business on as-needed basis. Complete office management options for the life of your business. Why hire an office manager when you can hire us?
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Office Management Services for Chicago Medical Offices

Managing your medical office so as to keep it running efficiently is as important as the quality of your medical expertise. Like any other business, a physician who is in practice must provide good customer service, keep important information pertaining to his clientele, maintain good records, adhere to legal regulations imposed on the medical field, and stay up-to-date with advancing technology. In any doctor's office, office management duties will involve handling patients, answering phones, scheduling, working with patients, insurance companies, or federal agencies regarding medical claims and billing, handling pharmacy and laboratory issues, training personnel, administering benefits and compensation for employees, and handling other accounts receivable and payable.

At Office Authority, Inc. we provide comprehensive office management services specific to medical offices, medical groups, and individual doctors. Our services are tailored to your individual needs and can include complete accounting services, such as medical billing and overseeing payments, HR management involving your employees, IT consulting and management, which will ensure that your computer technology and systems are optimally managed, as well as providing organizing solutions which will streamline your office.

25 Years of Office Management Expertise

After initially consulting with you regarding your office management needs, challenges, and problems, our professional team can provide the specific services required to get and keep your medical business running smoothly. We have been in the business of improving small business operations throughout the Chicago area for 25 years; our professional team has provided optimum management support to many medical offices throughout our successful history. From this experience, we have gained a wealth of knowledge about how to maximize efficiency and create optimum management practices for doctors. We understand all of the issues involved, from HIPAA certification to electronic scheduling and record-keeping.

Let us put our skills and expertise to work for you with cost-effective office management that provides optimum industry-specific solutions. Contact us to set up a consultation about your needs today.

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