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Our services are tailored to your industry and your personal, unique needs. Quick tips for organizing your business on as-needed basis. Complete office management options for the life of your business. Why hire an office manager when you can hire us?
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Industry-Specific Solutions

Need help solving your particular office problems?

Every small business is unique with goals, activities, and challenges that are distinctive and particular to its industry. Medical offices may need an organization of patient filing systems, office structure specifically set up to deal with patients, pharmacies, lab facilities, and / or working with insurance companies for claims and billing. Law offices will need office structure that handles client time entries and billing and will involve sophisticated legal software and procedure. In general, most small businesses will involve employee relations, tracking of employee hours and other matters, accounts receivable, accounts payable, contracts, and more. Office management services will vary from business to business, depending on size, industry, workplace environment, goals, and purposes.

At Office Authority, Inc., we have provided industry-specific solutions to our clients for 25 years. We understand how your business operation is unique and that your needs will depend on what you are doing, how long you have been established, and your particular business plan. We adapt our office management services to your personal needs, whether you are a small attorney group, dental practice, medical office, small manufacturing firm, architectural firm, service business, or any other small business operation. Our aim is to ensure that the services we provide meet your individual needs and surpass them. Enhancing your business is the aim of all of our office management services, whether they involve:

  • Accounting services, such as payroll, administration of benefits, billing clients, managing accounts receivable and accounts payable, and other activities
  • HR management, such as emergency staffing, employee relations, recruitment, hiring, employment policies, workplace safety, and more
  • IT consulting / management, such as maximizing your computer technology systems, networking, and other equipment
  • Business organization, providing organizing tips and solutions for emergency situations or as needed
  • General office management, ensuring that the day-to-day running of your business is done effectively and efficiently.

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To learn more about how we can help to improve your unique small business, contact us to arrange for a consultation. We will listen to your needs, problems, and challenges and devise a dynamic office management program to suit you that is cost-effective, efficient, and ultimately workable.

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