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Our services are tailored to your industry and your personal, unique needs. Quick tips for organizing your business on as-needed basis. Complete office management options for the life of your business. Why hire an office manager when you can hire us?
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About Us

Fey Ruback

Fey Ruback graduated from The Ohio State University.

Ms. Ruback has 27 years experience in accounting with large and small companies alike. She has been a CFO of a consulting firm where she helped make management decisions both financial and strategic. She has also helped small companies manage their financial and HR functions.

As a co-founder and treasurer of Office Authority Inc, Ms Ruback utilizes a team approach to maximize the efficiency of back room offices as much as possible.

Alison Wise

Ms. Wise graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin.

Following Graduation from the University of Wisconsin, Ms. Wise attended Depaul University taking graduate courses in Computer Sciences, Business Administration, & Business Law.

Post Graduation Ms. Wise made a name for herself as an effective and proven Information Technology expert. She is also a well regarded project manager with many acclimations for her people skills. After working for and making a difference at Fortune 500 Companies. Ms. Wise then took her skills and knowledge and started a successful Information Technology consulting firm.

As the co- founder and president of Office Authority Inc. Ms. Wise utilizes a team philosophy approach in order to provide her clients the most organized, well run, cost effective back offices possible.

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